These include:

>  Fully equipped Science laboratories for IGCSE, AS and A-level Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
>  Computer and CDI laboratories.
>  A well - stocked IGCSE reference library The full range of audio -visual equipment, including CD-ROM and satellite TV.
>  A large gymnasium block.
>  An open air swimming pool.
>  Future plans include an independent theatre unit.

Bus Service :

1.Parents who require the use of the service for their son/daughter must deposit the necessary fees to Accounts Department at least 
    2 weeksprior to the start of academic year.
2. The management will guarantee that students are collected from their home address and returned to the same destination.
3. In the case parents do not wish their son/daughter to return home on any occasion a letter from home is required.
4. Verbal student requests will not be considered.
5. Instructions are given for all buses to bring students to the school by 7.40 am and not before.
6. Students are expected to behave well and follow instruction when using the service. Any misbehavior may lead to the service being withdrawn.

IGCSE students are full members of AIS School, entitled to the same privileges and bound by the same rules as all other members of the school.